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The White Standard

The white shirt is historically an indicator of high status and standards. It describes the society in a historical and symbolic context like no other everyday wardrobe element. Today, this simple and often unacknowledged garment unites people of various occupations, opinions and backgrounds, showing that underneath their unique exteriors, they have similarities after all. text…
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In new Turkish fashion

A strong presence of young Turkish fashion designers at international events sends a clear message to the world: they’re ready to conquer. While a local designer piece still makes an exceptional souvenir from Turkey, its reputation already reaches far beyond the country’s border.   In the fashion world it is impossible to avoid labels. One…
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Is future of fashion design made in Turkey?

On Friday, July 5, under the title “Future of fashion design. Made in Turkey” four young designer labels: Asli Filinta, Ece Gözen, Nazli Bozdag and Nevra Karaca No.7, showed their SS 2014 collections during Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week. Here is our recap of the event: Asli Filinta‘s stage presentation: Nevra Karaca No. 7 – Spring-Summer 2014…
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