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Route less travelled

Besides being arguably the most convenient form of transportation, and the most trust-inspiring in a city of overwhelming traffic and baffling roads, shared taxis add another level of flavor to Istanbul. Each dolmuş is as unique as one of Istanbul’s disparate neighborhoods, reflecting the personality of a driver whose understanding of the city is second…
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Not just for laughs

Just as internationally renowned Turkish soap operas peak through closed doors to reveal people’s private matters, satirical magazines have been a reflection of Turkey’s public sphere since Ottoman times.  text by Marzena Romanowska for BRIDGE The popularity of humor cartoon magazines in Turkey is a true social phenomenon. Similar publications in Europe occupy a market…
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The White Standard

The white shirt is historically an indicator of high status and standards. It describes the society in a historical and symbolic context like no other everyday wardrobe element. Today, this simple and often unacknowledged garment unites people of various occupations, opinions and backgrounds, showing that underneath their unique exteriors, they have similarities after all. text…
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Different kind of bridge

It is impossible to talk about the city without mentioning its longstanding symbol; the bridge. The image comes up on everything from postcards and t-shirts to magazine titles and promotional posters. Yet the most important bridge in Istanbul is not the one from advertising campaigns, but the one that brings different people together. text by…
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Around table in Istanbul’s meyhane: Collaboration with Smak magazine

We have the pleasure to announce that a result of our editorial collaboration with culinary magazine Smak has been published in issue 5 and is now available on newsstands in Poland. Together with photographer Gözde Durusoy we visited Istanbul’s most popular meyhanes to take a closer look at the traditional entertainment around the shared tables….
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Design intervention

Making a city livable is a collective effort between people who have everyone’s best interest in mind. Istanbul might not top the quality of life indexes yet, but change is already underway in Kadıköy.  text by Marzena Romanowska for BRIDGE | All photos courtesy of TAK   Although there is no adequate scale of measurement for such…
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Istanbul in pictures worth more than a thousand words…

Our work on the first issue of BRIDGE was interrupted by the events of May 31. Here is our visual chronicle – in a place of a thousand words. All photos © Barbaros Kayan. According to the sign above: “We’re here when you need us” For more images visit Barbaros Kayan photography website.