BRIDGE is an Istanbul-inspired journal of urban culture, design, travel and business, published six times a year and distributed globally among curious international readers who are hungry for cultural entertainment.

Highlighting contrasts of the city, BRIDGE focuses on Istanbul urban culture, and Istanbul-inspired activities worldwide, presented through high-quality editorial.

BRIDGE stands out by empowering local talent and sharing their stories with an international audience. It aims to reintroduce Turkey to itself and to the rest of the world, and show the city of Istanbul through the stories of the local makers from their best, creative, yet little-known side.

The structure of the magazine aims to help the readers experience Istanbul with all their senses. In each chapter, editors take the readers on a memorable journey through the contrasts of the city, presenting the variety of sounds, images, textures and personalities. Through this approach, BRIDGE is something more than just another magazine about culture, design, entrepreneurship, society and travel. It becomes a collector’s item, which tells a different chapter of the multi-dimensional story of Istanbul in each issue.

BRIDGE fulfills the desire for high-quality content shaped by intelligent writing and outstanding photography. Personal histories, told with an inquisitive and warm voice, complete the in-depth experience of a contemporary city, sought after by locals as well as luxury travelers.

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